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Re: Frescobaldi 0.7.5 released

From: Herbert Liechti
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi 0.7.5 released
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 07:48:08 +0100
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Martin Tarenskeen schrieb:
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 07:09:40AM +0100, Herbert Liechti wrote:
>> Hello I tried Frescobaldi a few days ago. Very good work, thank you.
>> What I'm really missing is the ability to easy comment out/in
>> parts of the code. My favorite editor is the vi(m) where
>> commenting out/in code is a very easy job.
> I also use vim a lot. How does this comment in/out feature work in vim ? 
> I didn't know about that.
works only in vim/gvim !

o point cursor to the first line which should be commented out
o enter visual mode (key v)
o move cursor down to the end of the block (i.e. enter % sign
   for quick jumping to the closing bracket)
o enter command mode with : (you see something like this:
   :'<,'> when entering the : ) then enter the substitution
   command s/^/%/ and hit enter

you substitute the beginning of the line with the %-sign in the
visual block

commenting out is done the same way expect the substitution
command is :s/^%//

hope that helps
best regards

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