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Re: Repeat in the middle of a measure

From: Tim Slattery
Subject: Re: Repeat in the middle of a measure
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:25:11 -0500

Tim Slattery <address@hidden> wrote:

>I've tried putting \repeat \volta 1{ in that spot and } at the end of
>the piece. I get a thick bar line with a colon, and the corresponding
>end repeat sign at the end of the piece. OK, but then there's another
>begin-repeat symbol 4 measures after the one I specified and 4
>measures before the end of the piece. Where did that come from?

OK, I've switched to a more normal style (although I'd still like to
get the more traditional style). The input for the section is question

 \repeat volta 2 {c4 g8 g4 b8 |
c4 d8 e4 c8 | f4 d8 e4 c8 | b2 r8 e8 | c4 a8 g4 g8 | a4 f8 f4 d8 |
e4 c8 g'4 b,8 |} \alternative { {<<e2 c2>> r8 g'8} {<<e1. c1.>>} } 

I get the repeat at the beginning, just as it should be, and two
endings at the end, as it should be. But the second ending has a
second, empty measure. Why? And there's still an extra begin-repeat
bar after the 4th measure (b2 r8 e8). I cannot see any reason whatever
for that to appear.

Tim Slattery

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