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Need help with this trill

From: Holger Hellebro
Subject: Need help with this trill
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 23:24:59 +0200


I'm a new Lilypond user and I'm really enjoying the program so far. However I am having difficulties typesetting a certain trill. You can see in the attached picture what I want to achieve. I run into two difficulties:

1. How to get the two minor notes (sort of like appoggiaturas) placed correctly after the main note, at the end of the bar. \appoggiatura seems to always put the minor notes before the actual notes.
2. How to put the natural symbol above the trill symbol. I've tried  ^\markup{\tiny \natural} both before and after the \trill, but the trill sign ends up above the natural sign in either case.

Any hints would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,

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