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Re: Microtonal Helmholtz-Ellis notation in Lilypond: fine-tuning

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: Re: Microtonal Helmholtz-Ellis notation in Lilypond: fine-tuning
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 08:07:45 +0200

Dear Graham,
in the meantime I found out, where I have to install the font on my kubuntu machine.
I was able to try out the example.
There is one not convincing for me:
The default accidental is an natural. But I would like to use fis and ges as before.
Wouldnt it a possibilitie to define new pitch-names, like it has been done in the
But how can this be done?

2009/9/25 Graham Breed <address@hidden>
Stefan Thomas wrote:
Dear Community,
I know that I am a little late in this discussion.
I wanted to try out the    example of Thorsten, I found at
What I don't understand is: where do I have to have the files of the

You install them wherever fonts go on your system.  That may sound vague but, of course, it depends on your system.  I think there's a special folder LilyPond looks in as well but I'd have to check the documentation to find it, same as you.

And, is there a final version of the example code somewhere? I wasn't able
to find it!

Don't know, sorry.  Probably somewhere in this thread.


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