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Re: Microtonal Helmholtz-Ellis notation in Lilypond: fine-tuning

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Microtonal Helmholtz-Ellis notation in Lilypond: fine-tuning
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 00:36:07 +0200

On 26 Sep 2009, at 23:58, Torsten Anders wrote:

Line 169 has spurious character <A7> at the end. Looks like:
%% show the markup extend as box (for debugging)ß

Oops. Actually, I read this char as §, but it is certainly not necessary there. Anyway, it is a comment. Do you have any problems running Lilypond with this file?

I did not try. As it is in a comment, it should not matter, unless lilypond checks for UTF-8 consistency, in which case the file of course is illegal.

Seemingly, Aquamacs saves default files into Mac OS Roman, but there
shouldn't be any character in the file for which that actually
matters. Of course, line endings are in UNIX convention instead of

I use Xcode when ensuring pure text files in UTF-8 without metadata.

I see. I would not have expected Emacs/Aquamacs having any problems saving plain text files...

I use Fink emacs, which has an X11 GUI - MacPorts emacs I think did not have that. For some reason it did not work well with UTF-8. But it is better with UNIX permissions. So when root, I use emacs, which is also my environment variable EDITOR, and otherwise Xcode. I make new files in Terminal using 'touch', or 'cp' on an old. Then 'open' is useful (try 'open .' if you haven't done that).


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