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Re: [frogs] Re: Numeric note heads for singers

From: David Olson
Subject: Re: [frogs] Re: Numeric note heads for singers
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 11:01:00 -0800

Carl, pounderd, and others,

I like the idea of "frogs" picking up an idea like this.

But, it's not real high priority, and in graphix-rendition terms it would be difficult to inscribe a "4" into the triangular "pennant" shape of "fa" because the triangle points in the opposite direction from the triangular outline of "4".

Getting new singers to distinguish between tonic-triangle and fourth-triangle is the main thing.

I guess there isn't any way of doing this right now, and that's a good answer to my question.


David Olson
Culver City, CA

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