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Multi-Measure Rests: Adding to what gets printed?

From: rasAK
Subject: Multi-Measure Rests: Adding to what gets printed?
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 11:09:25 -0800 (PST)

In my orchestral parts, I would like Multi-Measure Rests to have both:
(1) an integer representing the number of measures in the current MMR,
centered above (default behavior)
(2) a second text indicating which measures are included in the given MMR,
in parentheses and centered BELOW the MMR.

(1) happens automatically.  (2) is what I don't know how to do.  I'm
thinking I would have to figure out how to write a Scheme function to do
this, but as I have never written one before, I wanted to know whether there
was an existing, non-Scheme solution.

As an example, given the following input:

\time 4/4
\key c \major
c4 d e f
c d e f

...output will generate "10" above the MMR.  I would like "( 2 - 11 )"
generated automatically and centered below it.

If the input were changed to:

\time 4/4
\key c \major
c4 d e f
c d e f
c d e f
c d e f

...then the output should remain "10" above but change to "( 4 - 13 )" below
the MMR.

As an additional wrinkle, if Rehearsal Letter "A" happened to fall at mm. 9,
Example 1b should output 2 MMRs ( |--4--| and |--6--|) with "( 4 - 7 )" and
"( 8 - 13 )" below.


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