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Re: Tempo markings and tempo dynamics

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Tempo markings and tempo dynamics
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 07:37:03 -0400

Hi Paul,

> The main reason I don't always use \tempo is that I often must use \mark to 
> avoid the behavior
> one gets when the tempo mark falls over a multi-measure rest and gets 
> centered there.  (I also don't often need MIDI output).

I have the same problems, but use \tempo anyway (because it's "more correct", 
conceptually) and tweak the output manually.

There are at least three other major problems with \tempo that I would love to 
have fixed:
    1. It doesn't recognize break-align (e.g., it cannot be automatically lined 
up with a time signature);
    2. There is no way to globally set the font characteristics.
    3. Collisions between consecutive MetronomeMarks (with small measures 
between them) is not handled gracefully.

> I have brought this up before without getting an acceptable answer.
> If anyone has an acceptable solution for this I would appreciate hearing 
> about it.

The acceptable answer is that one of us has to learn how to fix Lilypond so 
that MetronomeMark behaves as expected, or wait until one of the current 
developers gets around to it.


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