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Re: Chord Naming

From: James Bailey
Subject: Re: Chord Naming
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 18:05:25 +0200

Aside from the various pre-defined chord displays, no.
On 25.04.2010, at 16:48, Gerry Prosser wrote:

Is there a similar 'easy' solution for 'dim' and 'aug' ?

I don't (want to) understand guitar chords - I play the clarinet !

(I have tried \set dimSymbol and \set augSymbol but nothing changed)


On 25 April 2010 13:53, Jack Cooper <address@hidden> wrote:
You don't have to do this for major sevenths- just include the following within your ChordNames context:

  \context ChordNames = "Chords" {
        \set majorSevenSymbol = "maj7"

What I do for other chord exceptions is put them all in one big file and include that file in all my scores.
I suppose that doesn't work if you have different interpretations of chord names for the same chord in
different pieces, but doing this once will save you a lot of hassle.  And saving you hassle is one of
Lilypond's strongest features.
Jack Cooper, BerLen Music

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