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Re: Resizing accidental in a chord

From: Rodolfo Zitellini
Subject: Re: Resizing accidental in a chord
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 17:35:02 +0100

> What about making cautinary accidentals <fis ais cis?> and:
> \override Voice.AccidentalCautionary #'font-size = #-5
> \override Voice.AccidentalCautionary #'parenthesized = ##f
> Toine

Hi Toine,
you actually anticipated me by a few minutes :)
Yes overriding AccidentalCautionary is the best solution, I feel quite
ashamed for not figuring this myself (and I would have used quite
fewer \overrides in may score!)
If someone is interested, I can post a snippet for the LSR


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