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Re: [tablatures] Re: error in predefined chord diagram?

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: [tablatures] Re: error in predefined chord diagram?
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 21:36:19 -0700

On 2/2/11 11:10 AM, "Ronald Hochreiter" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear Carl, Bart, David,
> don't know if my input is of any use, however - without fingering:
> Ddim xx0131
> Edim 0120x0
> Starting from the Fdim it get's a bit more complicated in standard
> tuning, see e.g. Fdim, where you'd have three possibilities:
> a) 1231xx or 1231x1

This is just Edim above up one fret, right?
This could be useful for higher chords:

f:dim     1231x1
fis:dim   2342x2
g:dim     3453x3
gis:dim   4564x4
a:dim     5675x5
bes:dim   6786x6
b:dim     7897x7

> b) xx6464 or 4x6464

This fingering for the Fdim seems to be a very versatile fingering that I'd
expect to see used a lot.  I know that I'd personaly like it, because it's
relatively easy and consistent:

cis:dim   xx2020
d:dim     xx3131
ees:dim   xx4242
e:dim     xx5353
f:dim     xx6464

> c) x89A9x (A = 10)

This one is also useful

a:dim   x0121x
bes:dim x1232x
b:dim   x2343x
c:dim   x3454x
cis:dim x4565x
d:dim   x5676x
ees:dim x6787x
e:dim  x7898x
f:dim  x89a9x

This gives lots of opportunities for the table below.

I tend to favor diagrams with low fret numbers and muted strings at either
the top or the bottom, rather than in the middle.

Any recommendations?



>> c:dim    "x;3-4;1-1;o;1-2;o;"
>> c:dim7   "x;x;1-1;2-3;1-2;2-4;"
>> cis:dim    "x;4-4;2-3;1-1;2-2;1-1;"
>> cis:dim7   offset c:dim7 one fret
>> d:dim
>> d:dim7     "x;x;o;1-1;o;1-2;"
>> dis:dim    "2-2;o;1-1;2-3;x;2-4;"
>> dis:dim7    "x;x;1-1;2-3;1-2;2-4;"
>> e:dim
>> e:dim7    offset dis:dim7 one fret
>> f:dim
>> f:dim7    "x;x;o;1-1;o;1-2;"
>> fis:dim
>> fis:dim7    same as dis:dim7
>> g:dim
>> g:dim7    "x;x;5-2;6-4;5-3;3-1;"
>> gis:dim
>> gis:dim7   same as f:dim7
>> a:dim
>> a:dim7     same as ees:dim7
>> ais:dim
>> ais:dim7   offset ees:dim7 one fret
>> b:dim
>> b:dim7     same as d:dim7
>> Thanks,
>> Carl

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