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Re: Error in running Lilypond

From: Gilles THIBAULT
Subject: Re: Error in running Lilypond
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:08:33 +0100

To tell you the truth,
convert-ly doesn'n work for me in lilypondTool.  The whole concept of
the configuration is windows-oriented

Not works for me also in Windows :

Sourced file: jeditresource:/LilyPondTool.jar!/lilytool/macros/convertToLily.bsh : Error in method invocation: Static method toUnix( java.lang.String ) not found in class'lilytool.LilyToolPlugin' : at Line: 60 : in file: jeditresource:/LilyPondTool.jar!/lilytool/macros/convertToLily.bsh : lilytool .LilyToolPlugin .toUnix ( sourceFile )

LilypondTools : 2.12.932
lilypond : 2.12
lilypond Path : C:\lilypond


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