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Re: can't compile

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: can't compile
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:47:22 +1100
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On 15/02/11 09:28, ?????? - Hu Haipeng wrote:
I'm almost near the end of my second work (still about 80-100 bars not written). The day before yesterday, when I was at bar 362, Lily could still compile it within 2 hours. But last night, I left my computer running it, and it was still hanging there when I got up this morning, thus about 6 hours past! I am still using my old machine with 768M RAM. Could anyone compile it using a faster machine? I must ensure whether the problem is caused by the RAM or Lilypond or my own files. The following is the link. Simply run But before that, please find and remove %{ and %} which I use to generate midi only. I included a midi file, so you will know what I have written.
I downloaded the zip and gave it a try (Ubuntu amd64 on a machine with a core i7 CPU and 12Gb RAM; Lilypond 2.13.49). First attempt ran for about five seconds, producing dozens and dozens of midi error msgs like so:

programming error: Impossible or ambiguous (de)crescendo in MIDI.
continuing, cross fingers
MIDI output to `dance.midi'...
programming error: Going back in MIDI time.
continuing, cross fingers

and then stopped with a message saying "Compilation successfully completed", though only a midi file was produced, no PDF.

I commented out the \midi { } in the score block and ran another compilation. When I checked after a few minutes, System Monitor showed that Lilypond was using 1.1Gb of RAM, which goes a long way to explaining why your machine with 768Mb RAM can't build it within any reasonable timeframe, as continual swapping to disk would be making the build very slow.

The score took 705 seconds (eleven and three quarter minutes) to complete building and produce a PDF. So I'd say the solution is more RAM.


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