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Lilypond-book: Adjust left page margin

From: Daniel Dieterle
Subject: Lilypond-book: Adjust left page margin
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 21:57:20 +0100


currently I'm working on a song book with lilypond-book.
I would like to have equal page margins on the left and right of 1 cm.  So I configured the page layout with the LaTex geometry package. Lilypond-book adopts the staff length accordingly: The right space from the end of a staff line to the page border is 1 cm. But the left space from the page border to the beginning of the staff line is slightly larger. That bothers me, because the song text following the song notes is nomore aligned with the staff lines.

I tried to solve this problem with two approaches:
1) With the lilypond-book option --left-padding=AMOUNT
2) \once \override Staff.StaffSymbol #'X-offset = #0

With both approaches I have no success.
Does anybody have an idea how I can adjust the left page margin?

Thanks for any hints,

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