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Re: Lilypond lobbying?

From: Francois Planiol
Subject: Re: Lilypond lobbying?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 09:49:28 -0500

Well, you can send it (on paper anyway then who cares? So stupid guys
cannot expertise a score as done with one or other soft) on paper, say
this is finale (more tweakable as sib) and bye.
Most musicians make a synonym engraving=sib or mus. Some think
organ=church or organ=vampire or whatever. Personally, I have better
to do than "teaching" people who dont want to learn. and they dont


2011/8/18, Tim McNamara <address@hidden>:
> On Aug 18, 2011, at 8:49 AM, Robert Schmaus wrote:
>> (I would be amused to know if they'd actually realize if someone did
>>> send print/PDF generated by Lilypond...)
>> I asked them that question, right after reading the mail that started
>> this thread. not that I seriously plan to participate, but the obvious
>> contradiction in "hand in your compositions printed and as PDF"
>> intrigued me to ask them if/how they determine that a submitted score is
>> actually produced by Finale/Sibelius. No answer yet ...
> Send them a one page sample of Lilypond output and as why that would not be
> acceptable.
> My guess is the answer is the "prize" of publication- the publisher will
> likely want a Finale or Sibelius file.  Along with the composer signing away
> most of their rights and control over the piece.
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