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bend and release (blues transcription)

From: luis jure
Subject: bend and release (blues transcription)
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 20:28:28 -0300

hello list,

i'm transcribing a fragment of a blues recording, and i'm trying to solve
how to notate all the pitch deviations present in the voice and guitar.

i'm combining the use of plain glissandi, bendAfter, and grace
notes with \hideNotes and glissando for a "prebend" (BTW, how useful it
would be for this task something like bendAfter but "before" the note!).

but i don't know how to notate with lilypond the bend and release, like in
the attached image (it's taken from the legend at the end of the hal
leonard books).

some time ago i learned how to embed simple postscript code in lilypond,
but perhaps there's a simpler and more efficient "pure lilypond" way...



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