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Re: [Ltib] Out of tree kernel and in-tree modules

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Out of tree kernel and in-tree modules
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 16:42:20 +0100

Hi Vadim,

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 16:15 +0200, Vadim Lebedev wrote:
> Hello
> I'm working with savannah ltib
> I've somewhat unusual config:
> I've have a kernel built out of LTIB tree 
> but i have an in-tree kernel module (zaptel) which need to reference
> the kernel's .config and .h files.
> How can i arrange for this?

If you run $./ltib -m config you can select: "Include kernel headers" it
will install the kernel headers in rootfs/usr/src/linux/ and in your
spec file you can refer to these as (for example with see

Note also that config file gets put into rootfs/linux.config

If this is not enough and you need the whole built kernel tree left
unpacked, you can select (in ./ltib -m config):
"Leave the sources after building"

This will leave the built kernel sources unpacked in rpm/BUILD/linux and
you can refer to these from other spec files as: $RPM_BUILD_DIR/linux
See: dist/lfs-5.1/helloworld/hello_mod.spec for an example.

> Antohere problem:
> This time in-tree kernel for imx27ads
> and still trying to build zaptel kernel module
> the kerenel build's ok but when zaptel is compiled
> it does not find   blablabla/linux/.config
> I know it worked 2 monthes ago, but i'm unable to find what i'm
> doing wrong this time.

> I see that the kernel is built it's rpm is created and installed but
> in the rpm/BUILD dirctory there is no linux directory  so zaptel build 
> is screwed...

It's probably a change in configuration?  I don't understand though how
this can happen as if you look in config/userspace/packages.lkc you
should see:

    bool "zaptel"

This should be enough to force the sources to remain unpacked.  Can you
run ./ltib -m config and scroll down to the kernel area and check that 
"Leave the sources after building" is enabled.

Regards, Stuart

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