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[Ltib] setcap/libcap2?

From: Morrison, Tom
Subject: [Ltib] setcap/libcap2?
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:32:49 -0400

I am running a LTIB version from Freescale: ltib-mpc8572ds-20081218


I have a program I am porting to this rootfs that requires the tool: setcap

which it looks like comes from a package called libcap2. Is there a library

and/or package I am missing that will contains this functionality?


I am really behind an eight ball on this one…L


Tom Morrison
Principal Software Engineer

20 Crosby Drive
- Bedford, MA  01730
p: 781.266.3567 f: 781.266.3670
email: address@hidden


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