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[Ltib] Help regarding new board based on LPC3240, possiblity of paied wo

From: Ayewin Oung
Subject: [Ltib] Help regarding new board based on LPC3240, possiblity of paied work..
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 11:20:06 +0100

Hi list

I'm looking into possibilities of "getting embedded linux" on our custom board which is based on LPC3240, although its similar to existing Phytec & EA boards, its has major differences in following areas:

1. External memory has only 32Mbyte of DDR x16 chip.
2. Flash is SDL, 2Gbits.
3. Network (this is the real difference) is via our FPGA (i.e. RMII interface of LPC3240 is connected to FPGA not PHY).
4. And other minor things like LEDs and I2C ( we do NOT have LCD screen, USB, SD card, I2S EEPROM etc ).

We have the board running with uCOSII OS and all hardware is good, and we have all software to run.  We are kind of new to embedded Linux and reading on the net suggest Ltib is the way to go for LPC32x0.

However, I'm finding it very difficult to configure and even build the ltib with custom board configuration, I'm confident its something we are not doing or doing it wrong.

Is there step by step guide or documentation out there where we can use to port our board ?  The very first issue we have is:

1. Building uboot with our own modification to network interface (i.e. we need to configure FPGA before network interface can be initialised, also we we have extra headers for ethernet packet, so we need to hack the code around inside uboot networking ).
2. After that we need to hack the device drivers to support our devices.

Any help much appreciated ?

Alternatively, we have some budget ( < 500U$ ) to get some remote support/help to get our guys going with building the embedded linux, we need help on areas like where the files are located, how to build scripts/makefiles are stitched, so that we can add our files etc etc. (we dont expect any coding help).

If anyone interested esp. with experience in LPC32x0, Linux development and networking, pls reply and I'll get in touch..

Thanks all.


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