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Re: [Ltib] Help regarding new board based on LPC3240, possiblity of paie

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Help regarding new board based on LPC3240, possiblity of paied work..
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 08:58:05 +0100
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Hi Daniel,

I'd like to expand on that a little.  LTIB is a system builder, but you
can use it as part of your work-flow to edit/rebuild the kernel and try
out your changes, for example:

### unpack the kernel sources
$ ./ltib -p kernel -m prep

### edit, edit, edit rpm/BUILD/linux/*

### you can re-configure the kernel if you need to
$ ./ltib -p kernel -c

### build the kernel and install (and test)
$ ./ltib -p kernel

### more edit, edit, edit

### build/install/test again, etc
$ ./ltib -p kernel

### finished, capture changes
$ ./ltib -p kernel -m patchmerge

Regards, Stuart

Daniel Widyanto wrote:
> Hi A,
> LTIB is a system builder. It gathers and combined software components to be 
> put inside Linux system. To modify the driver to suit the hardware, you will 
> need to modify the software itself..which is not possible using LTIB.
> FYI, the DDR SDRAM and NAND timing settings are inside the S1L package. The 
> net hardware init is inside the u-boot. The LED / GPIO, etc is inside the 
> kernel. You need to modify the files, and recompile it to suit your board
> Regards,
> -daniel
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>> Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 7:01 PM
>> To: Ayewin Oung
>> Cc: address@hidden
>> Subject: Re: [Ltib] Help regarding new board based on LPC3240,
>> possiblity of paied work..
>> Hi A,
>> You need to post some _actual_ output so we can see what errors you're
>> getting otherwise we can only guess.
>> Regards, Stuart
>> Ayewin Oung wrote:
>>> Hi list
>>> I'm looking into possibilities of "getting embedded linux" on our
>> custom
>>> board which is based on LPC3240, although its similar to existing
>> Phytec
>>> & EA boards, its has major differences in following areas:
>>> 1. External memory has only 32Mbyte of DDR x16 chip.
>>> 2. Flash is SDL, 2Gbits.
>>> 3. Network (this is the real difference) is via our FPGA (i.e. RMII
>>> interface of LPC3240 is connected to FPGA not PHY).
>>> 4. And other minor things like LEDs and I2C ( we do NOT have LCD
>> screen,
>>> USB, SD card, I2S EEPROM etc ).
>>> We have the board running with uCOSII OS and all hardware is good,
>> and
>>> we have all software to run.  We are kind of new to embedded Linux
>> and
>>> reading on the net suggest Ltib is the way to go for LPC32x0.
>>> However, I'm finding it very difficult to configure and even build
>> the
>>> ltib with custom board configuration, I'm confident its something we
>> are
>>> not doing or doing it wrong.
>>> Is there step by step guide or documentation out there where we can
>> use
>>> to port our board ?  The very first issue we have is:
>>> 1. Building uboot with our own modification to network interface
>> (i.e.
>>> we need to configure FPGA before network interface can be
>> initialised,
>>> also we we have extra headers for ethernet packet, so we need to hack
>>> the code around inside uboot networking ).
>>> 2. After that we need to hack the device drivers to support our
>> devices.
>>> Any help much appreciated ?
>>> Alternatively, we have some budget ( < 500U$ ) to get some remote
>>> support/help to get our guys going with building the embedded linux,
>> we
>>> need help on areas like where the files are located, how to build
>>> scripts/makefiles are stitched, so that we can add our files etc etc.
>>> (we dont expect any coding help).
>>> If anyone interested esp. with experience in LPC32x0, Linux
>> development
>>> and networking, pls reply and I'll get in touch..
>>> Thanks all.
>>> A

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