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Re: [Ltib] upgrade kernel

From: Stuart Hughes
Subject: Re: [Ltib] upgrade kernel
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 12:45:21 +0000
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Hi Erico,

That BSP is not in the public Savannah CVS.  I guess it's from Freescale, so it's worth asking if they have an update kernel.

In principle what you need is:
  • A working new kernel source.  You probably should ask Freescale which is the best origin for this.  This can be placed in /opt/ltib/pkgs/ (locally)
  • A new kernel spec file
  • Update config/platform/_your_target_/main.lkc
  • You may need a new kernel config file.  This would go in config/platform/_your_target_/main.lkc too
  • Run ./ltib --configure and select your new kernel
If it fails to build, look in rpm/BUILD/linux/... make your fixes and then re-run: ./ltib -p kernel

If you look in doc/LtibBestPractices there's a bit more of a write up about this.

Regards, Stuart

On 10/11/11 12:32, Érico Porto wrote:

I'm really new in this lis and at using ltib. I'm using a mpc8323E and I wanted to upgrade my kernel to the newest available. How do I do that? Is it directly from I really really have no idea how to start. I've read some documentation on the web but they seemed very old, and freescale's bsp isn't updated since 2008. What directories does ltib uses to store and build kernel?


Érico V. Porto

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