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[lwip-users] Best practice for DHCP/Static IP config

From: bob
Subject: [lwip-users] Best practice for DHCP/Static IP config
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 01:58:58 -0700

Could I get a recommendation for run-time configurable DHCP/Static IP address. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times before. Just wondering what the people who actually use lwip do…


From monitoring the mailing list, I understand no graceful shutdown… So I am ok with a startup variable and reset the hardware to make the setting take effect. #define is not really what I am looking for.


Is this the right way?

  1. Start the stack
  2. Check my config for desired static IP, or DHCP requested (dip switch, config bit, etc)


if (dhcp)





A pointer to an example that does this, or 5 lines of pseudo code would be great!

(SAME54, lwip 2.0.3, free RTOS 10.0.0)


Thanks Simon, Sylvain,  Steve, Patrick, and others who are providing such great help to this list! Most of my questions are answered by just watching the emails on this list.




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