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[lwip-users] About nd6.c when dealing with "unsolicited NA"

From: yanhc519
Subject: [lwip-users] About nd6.c when dealing with "unsolicited NA"
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 19:58:03 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Hi all,

In line 370 in nd6.c of lwip-2.1.2, 
      /* This is an unsolicited NA, most likely there was a LLADDR change. */
      i = nd6_find_neighbor_cache_entry(&target_address);
      if (i >= 0) {
        if (na_hdr->flags & ND6_FLAG_OVERRIDE) {
          MEMCPY(neighbor_cache[i].lladdr, lladdr_opt->addr, inp->hwaddr_len);
    } else {
      /* This is a solicited NA.
When dealing with unsolicited NA, only LLADDR change is deal with. (If a valid entry is found and flags is override, then override)
However, if it is not a LLADDR change, but receiving a new LLADDR, no measure is taken.
So when I send a message from my board to my PC, it fails when getting next hop address (nd6_get_next_hop_addr_or_queue).
Is this an issue?


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