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Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx 2-6RP-color-Mb005

Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Lynx 2-6RP-color-Mb005
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 96 13:53:00 +0800

Rob Partington - Admin <address@hidden> wrote:

 R(> There'll be binaries of linux-slang-color, linux-ncurses-color,
 R(> linux-slang-ucolor and linux-ncurses-ucolor up on
 R(> (-ucolor == Hiram's patch + my character styles patch) hopefully
 R(> tomorrow morning.
Yeah, but my link to UK is slow... :( And I also love the multi-bookmarks
patch by Filip. I can't get the show page while downloading patch to work
(posted here few days ago), even on a clean Lynx 2-6 source... how do I
properly download a patch from the archives ? I have to use 'p' since the
archives return HTML code...
 > For those who know how to interpret this, here's the error I got for
 > 'make linux-slang-color' if I mix Rob's colour patch with Hiram's 22/10
 > LYCurses.h...
 R(> You can correct this by inserting the line
 R(> #define getyx(a,y,x) (y=SLsmg_get_row(),x=SLsmg_get_column())
 R(> just under the sl_suspend function in LYCurses.c
Was it affected because of your patch ? Could you then update _your_
patch ? Easier for others :)

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