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From: Walter Skorski
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 23:57:17 -0400 (EDT)

Foteos Macrides writes:

> address@hidden (Paul Gilmartin) wrote:
> > In a recent note, Foteos Macrides said:
> >
> > >   No.  Lynx reserves the right-most column of the screen for
> > > positioning the cursor without risk of invoking an unintended newline
> > > under any circumstances.

PMJI (again), but isn't the point of termcap/terminfo and the
curses/ncurses libraries to account for and deal with these sort of
idiosyncrasies, so that the application programmer doesn't have to
think about them?  And hasn't this particular idiosyncrasy been
adequately addressed in this way?

>       There is no obligation for you to use Lynx if it is too irritating
> for you, and you obtained it free of charge, with sources, should you
> wish to redesign it.

There are many things about Lynx that I'd like to redesign, but I
don't consider myself to be well versed enough in Lynx's internals or
C to do them myself; rather, I (and others) pick these nits publicly,
here in lynx-dev, in hopes that those more experienced will say "yeah,
that's a good idea" and make it a reality.  Expecting everyone with a
good idea to produce a patch from it, however, isn't realistic, and
encouraging poorly thought out patches may be counterproductive.

.    iksrokS retlaW<>Walter Skorski    ..        address@hidden         .
 Computer Administrator, Div. of Medical Genetics, Thomas Jefferson University

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