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LYNX-DEV Making lynx faster - a la Netjet

From: chx
Subject: LYNX-DEV Making lynx faster - a la Netjet
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 19:36:40 +0100


Netjet is a Netscape plugin which starts to download the links from any
page as soon as it possible. Therefore, while you are reading a page, the
next is loading.

If it could be done on Windows, it could be done on Unix. Would this be
too hard? Maybe, if we do not want to implement a recursive loader (I
guess it won't be that hard) there are a few great ones, best of them :
Wget. (ftp::/

Charlie Negyesi

Ps. If it possible please drop me a personal reply (too) 'cos I'm not yet
part of the list. I read the archives sometimes.
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