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Subject: LYNX-DEV
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 01:03:36 -0500 (EST)

> > [Lynx Friendly] > > News: [1]Lynx2.6 has been ported to [2]DJGPP; it's an alpha version > and requires a DPMI server to run. > > Lynx > > Lynx is a text browser for the World Wide Web. It primarily [3]runs on > VMS and various versions of Un*x. Lynx information is available from > sites including: > > * A broad range of Lynx information (including how to get a copy of > Lynx) is collected at [4]Lynx links. > * The Lynx developers communicate via an [5]email list called > lynx-dev. These are [6]the people to ask if you have a Lynx > related problem. The [7]Archives of Lynx-Dev are a valuable > resource for motivation and detail. > * [8]Al Gilman's Lynx FAQ indexes lynx-dev answers to recurring > questions. > * The [9]About Lynx page at the University of Kansas illuminates > Lynx history, but for recent developments check the Lynx Enhanced > Pages. > * [10]Lynxrp is a (slowly coalescing) developmental version beyond > 2.6. > > _________________________________________________________________ > > Maintained by address@hidden > last modified 9th January all require forms capability. Thanks! address@hidden (that's popeleo "ONE") ; ; To UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a mail message to address@hidden ; with "unsubscribe lynx-dev" (without the ; quotation marks) on a line by itself. ;
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