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LYNX-DEV colors in lynx 2.6

From: Laura Eaves
Subject: LYNX-DEV colors in lynx 2.6
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 07:43:11 -0500 (EST)

I've been wanting to try the color stuff in lynx 2.6 (whatever
development version has it implemented).
I grabbed the sunos.4.1.3 binaries from one of the lynx web pages
(can't remeber which) and installed it in my home directory.
(I also grabbed the source, but haven't looked at it.)  Someone said I needed
slang to get the color stutff working.  I have no idea if the binaries I
picked up were compiled with slang.  I also am sure I don't have the latest
development version.  (Where do I get it?)

I looked thru lynx.cfg and noticed the color stuff at the end of the file:

> # COLORS (only available if compiled with slang)
> # The line must be of the form:
> ...
> #COLOR:0:black:white
> #COLOR:1:blue:white
> #COLOR:2:yellow:blue
> #COLOR:3:green:white
> #COLOR:4:magenta:white
> #COLOR:5:blue:white
> #COLOR:6:red:white
> #COLOR:7:magenta:cyan

There is no explanation of what the INTEGER means.
I tried changing the settings and looking at various "colorful" URLs,
but always got the same colors.
(I used -cfg on the command line, so I know I'm using the right config file.)

What I really wanted to do is change reverse video to something that's
easier to see.
What are the COLOR defaults supposed to do?
Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Suggestions welcome.
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