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Re: LYNX-DEV Patch to view a .zip file in DirEd mode

From: Ismael Cordeiro
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Patch to view a .zip file in DirEd mode
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 10:05:49 -0500 (EST)

Jim Spath wrote:

> >     That's 'cuz it's a quickie hack, done wrong. :) :)  Follow the
> > model for a lynxprog URL in LYGetFile.c.  Also, setup up a configurable
> > VIEW_ZIP_PATH, so people than define it appropriately for their systems,
> > #define VIEW_ZIP_PATH "/foo/blah/unzip -v -M %s"
> > /* define VIEW_ZIP_PATH "/foo/blah/unzip -v %s | most" */
> I'll be happy to recode it if people think this is a useful feature.  If
> not, "it works for me." 

You could make it useful for anyone, even those who don't have the latest
version of unzip by using "unzip -v %s | ..." . Still better, you could make
it use the pager defined in the $PAGER environment variable by using "unzip
-v %s | $PAGER" instead of forcing people to use a specific pager.

Besides, there is no need to put that in the DIRED code. It can be easily
done by defining a viewer in lynx.cfg. In mine I have

VIEWER:application/lzh:lha -v %s | $PAGER
VIEWER:application/zip:unzip -v %s | $PAGER

and when I press return on a zip or lzh file in a local directory or in a
remote FTP directory I get the archive directory displayed through "less",
the pager I have defined in $PAGER.

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