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Re: LYNX-DEV more on the newspost problem

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV more on the newspost problem
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:16:20 +0900 (JST)

> However, when I try 
> lynx nntp://
> I get an error but if I try

I assume you are talking about *reading* news.  I don't understand either.
Something about the server responding `421 NNTP'.  I found it curious that
there were TWO lookups of the server (Lynx status: `Looking up genetics...')
occuring before the error message.  Lynx *appeared* as if it looked up the
server name, started to make an NNTP connection, aborted, started again from
the name lookup process, and failed on the second attempt to make the
connection.  It's even stranger that in -trace mode, lynx pulls down the
news articles!  It *seems* to hang up around, from -trace output:

anchor text: '29598. [31]"Re: Thanks and operation question." - Bruce Perens'
pos: 12
GridText: adding link on line 63 in HText_endAppend
HTAccess:  status=29997
HTAccess: `nntp://' has been accessed.
HTParse: aName:nntp://   relatedName:
HTParse: aName:nntp://   relatedName:
HTParse: result:nntp
HTParse: aName:nntp://   relatedName:
HTParse: result:nntp://
HTParse: aName:nntp://   relatedName:
HTParse: result:/perl.porters-gw
Starting realm is 'nntp://'

The cursor stopped on this line and did not move for 30 minutes, at which
time I pressed ^C.

If you were talking about *posting*, then Fote's crystal clear instructions
in, for example, userdefs.h predict an error:
 * added to the path.  Also note that posting is supported only for news:
 * (not nntp: or snews:) URLs, and only via the default nntp server defined

> lynx news://
> I get the newsgroup.  Anyone know what is missing?  I'm still using

This is as expected.  Quoting from Fote's
   Linkname: URL Schemes Supported in Lynx
        URL: file://localhost/lynx/lynx_help/lynx_url_support.html#news
   but for compatibility with other clients, Lynx allows inclusion of
   host and port fields in news URLs, which properly should be used only
   in nntp and snews URLs. If not included in news URLs, Lynx will use
   the nntp server pointed to by the NNTPSERVER environment variable or
   configuration symbol (see lynx.cfg), with default port :119. A host

Defining in lynx.cfg and then creating the
link `news:perl.porters-gw' works as expected, too.

I'm also having to use lynx2-6FM [96/01/27].  That's on sunos4.1.3 with
a slang build.


PS The URL I posted yesterday for my archive service had an extra `/'.
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