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LYNX-DEV Copyright and one-screen help cont'd.

From: Mike Brown
Subject: LYNX-DEV Copyright and one-screen help cont'd.
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 10:08:12 -0800 (PST)

I've got a query in to the Apache Group asking how they've gone about
their copyright business.  I know their situation is a bit different,
because they changed the name of the product they were modifying (NCSA
httpd 1.4) to Apache.  But like Lynx-Dev, they have a core group of major
and regular contributors to the code, plus a lot of less conspicuous
contributors who may have only offered some inconsequential bits of code,
typo corrections, bug fixes, or ideas.  It appears that they have just
made up the name The Apache Group and slapped it on a lengthy copyright
notice, in spite of the apparent fact that the group's "membership" is not
explicitly defined nor constant from day to day.  I'll let the lynx-dev
list know what response I get from them.

I also will write another draft of the one-screen help page, taking into
account the discussion that the first draft precipitated, and will
summarize the code changes that need to be done (e.g., LYNX_VERSION
appearing at the top of the -help page, and the addition of -options).
Keep discussing.

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