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LYNX-DEV Re: upcoming configure patch

From: Scott McGee (Personal)
Subject: LYNX-DEV Re: upcoming configure patch
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 00:51:21 -0700


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Thomas Dickey has sent to me,
and I have made accessible, the development code with Auto Configure added
to the Character Trans code and Win32 code. This code set, in both zip and
breakout format, can be found at:

and a link to it has been made at as well.

Remember, I am just the custodian here, send bug patch mail to Lynx-Dev or
to the author of the particular aspect (Char-Trans, Win32, Auto-Conf). I'll
try to find time tomorrow to expand the simple FTP menu with an email from
Thomas Dickey into a full-blown HTML page with more info. Meanwhile, Rob,
you want to take a cut at adding your stuff to this or who wants to go next?

Oh, since I don't have patch and don't have the time to install and learn it,
I won't be adding any of Fote's bug fixes to this code. Basically, it is a
static set unless someone (Klaus, Wayne, Thomas, Al, Hyrum, someone else)
offers to update and maintain this or send me copies. 


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