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LYNX-DEV patch-o-matic

From: Paulo JS Rodrigues
Subject: LYNX-DEV patch-o-matic
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 12:58:50 +0200

  I was checking around the current development of lynx and found the page
of patch-o-matic. Since it said -- in --
that would make possible to upgrade to the latest version, and going there
through Netscape it didn't work: I tried lynx after and found out why: you
check what the current version is from the AGENT string!

So, I have two alternative suggestions to make to that page:

1. Clearly state to use the current lynx version the user has to access
patch-o-matic (after the lynx just type: use your current lynx version)


2. If lynx is not the browser detected when accessing the CGI, offer a
pull-down choice both to FROM-version and TO-version, so we can get what it
seems right -- and then we're on our own, of course...


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|aulo (|. ).|\odrigues  -
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