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Re: LYNX-DEV lynx-dev list status/problems

From: Jonathan Sergent
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV lynx-dev list status/problems
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 12:22:39 -0500

Al asks:
 ] I know that many of you lynx-mavens have much to teach this would-
 ] be elf.  My mental state is back with Listproc at Kansas.  Does
 ] anyone know if open-posting is one of the standard configuration
 ] options for Majordomo, or if we are going to have to hack
 ] something to get that?

Actually you have to hack it to get closed posting.
Open is a standard configuration option.

 ] Other topics where I could use a tutorial:  compare and contrast
 ] the filtering capability native to MajorDomo with the capability
 ] of Procmail recipes.  (what you can do -- user perspective).

Majordomo will let you match various patterns in headers or body to 
flag messages to be forwarded to the approval addres.

Said patterns are perl regular expressions, quite flexible.

Downside is that the person at the approval address gets lots of spam.

As I remember it, our main problem wasn't with unsolicited commercial
email but with novice lynx users sending questions obviously answered
well in the documentation or by people (maybe falling objects or cats
crawling on keyboards) banging on the keyboard (seriously) and managing 
to hit "h" then "c" and then typing assorted gobbledygook and sending
it.  There were also cases of lynx-dev getting email from people who 
thought they were sending email to someone else, and the occasional 
odd obscene message.

Most of these were from public accounts like address@hidden or 
address@hidden (public-access terminals in libraries and such) so we 
couldn't even help them if we had wanted to.

The commercial email was much less of a problem, and the regexes from
one of the spam blacklist places in the "taboo subjects' field would 
probably work fine to stop that.  If we start getting weird (c)omments
again then we can try to characterize and filter them.

The only question that remains is who gets the job of being

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