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Re: lynx-dev Re: LYNX-DEV Re: <pre></pre> <Hx></Hx> BUG

From: Rob Partington
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: LYNX-DEV Re: <pre></pre> <Hx></Hx> BUG
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 06:17:06 +0000 (GMT)

address@hidden wrote:
> I assume that |BIG|SMALL|SUB|SUP| tags are ignored in preformated 
> areas because lynx doesn't implement them?

If so, it's following the DTD.  A Good Thing (tm) as far as I'm
concerned, but that's probably not too helpful an answer if you're
expecting it too.

> Also interesting is how lynx (and other browsers) treat random
> >s and <s.  I used mosaic 2.6-2, mosaic 3.0b5, netscape 3.03, 
> lynx 2.7.1 and lynx 2.8 (all on VMS) to view the file below
> with interesting results.

All these browsers, I think, have fairly ad-hoc SGML parsers and
don't quite work as expected...  :-)

> Yes this was essensially just a rant, but I would like some insight
> into the logic behind the <pre> and <xmp> tag decisions if anybody
> has any to offer.

Check the archives of the www-html list at, I guess is the best
idea I have to offer.  I'm subscribed, and I remember some discussion
about this topic, but I haven't been reading the list actively for some

ObFrustration: Hey, I'm free from work commitments right now (for about
two weeks) and the only computers I have access to are an ancient (8086,
1M) portable, and a slightly less ancient palmtop (still 8086 though).
Still, I should be able to get some work done from Friday for about a
week, so if anyone's got anything they particularly want me to do, mail
me (address@hidden) and I'll try and schedule it around the other things
I'm thinking of doing (mail me if you want to be bored with that, too)

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