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Re: lynx-dev your 2 weeks' window

From: Rob Partington
Subject: Re: lynx-dev your 2 weeks' window
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 01:40:50 +0000 (GMT)

Heather Stern wrote:
> What region are you in, Rob?  (Perhaps some 386+ Linux access could be
> arranged, mail me seperate)

Unfortunately, I'm in the UK.  Thanks for the offer though.

> Primary arguments on this seem to relate to whether we should:
> 1. always keep the source version in cache and render locally, or 
> 2. do something funky to arrange for the rendered and non-rendered versions 
>    to look different for the cache system.  

I'm already working on hacking the renderer so that it doesn't discard
the source and create a fixed copy of the rendered page.  In theory, you
could just render from the source each time, but that doesn't allow you
to treat the document as a tree (needed for style sheets and DHTML support).

> > (5) calling up an editor for TEXTAREA : see Archive 980424 :
> >     this is more controversial due to security,
> >     but could be subject to the same controls as for anonymous users.
> ...and appears to still be undergoing severe discussion, highlights include
> argument over what to use as a quit-key due to cross-platform concerns.  My
> vote, start with something probably ok, but make some sort of entry in 

What's wrong with ^G, btw, since that's already the quit-key for aborting
other activities, so why not for quitting textareas?

> I'm not sure it qualifies as small, except inasmuch as we already have an
> internal editor for crippled/anonymous mail.

If there's already an internal editor, why isn't that used for textareas?
(or have I missed a great swathe of discussions?)

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