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Re: lynx-dev URL guessing for .CA domain suggestion

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev URL guessing for .CA domain suggestion
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 01:47:50 +0400 (MSD)

>      * From: Bela Lubkin <address@hidden>

> Here's the proper way to do what you want -- and this is definitely for
> post-2.8.1 work.  Add a third table to specify domain name endings which
> you do not want guessed.  You might have:


> The third line is a list of suffixes which are to be considered terminal
> -- no guesses should be appended to them.  Note that I've included .com
> and so on in my sample entry; this prevents guesses like "can't find
>, trying".  It would *seem*
> sensible to automatically include URL_DOMAIN_SUFFIXES in
> URL_DOMAIN_NOGUESS_SUFFIXES, but we retain more flexibility if we don't.
> Then the user can choose to or not, by what he puts in the NOGUESS
> string.

This tend to be very complex for user. And definitely not a good idea to
include country domains in this list, lots of countries here around.
One that I proposed was to add a boolean like
Probably, we should disable any domain guessing by default
except for few strongly suggested suffixes like ".com"
BTW, we can set an empty guess by URL_DOMAIN_SUFFIXES:.

> The code already does this for a URL_DOMAIN_NOGUESS_PREFIXES list,
> except that the list is embedded in the code.  The embedded list is
> equivalent to:

> URL_DOMAIN_NOGUESS_PREFIXES:www.,ftp.,gopher.,wais.,cso.,ns.,ph.,finger.,news
> .,nntp.

> If someone implements what I'm suggesting, I would recommend also
> making URL_DOMAIN_NOGUESS_PREFIXES configurable.

> Finally, I see that there is no way to specify "empty guess" in the
> list.  That is, suppose I would like to have:

>   URL_DOMAIN_PREFIXES:,www.,ftp.

> Then if I do `lynx zark`, I intend it to guess:

>      <-- empty prefix
>      <-- empty prefix
>   zark          <-- empty prefix, suffix
>   www.zark      <-- empty suffix
>   ftp.zark      <-- empty suffix

> You cannot specify an empty prefix or suffix.  This should be fixed.

> Other stuff: if it guesses a prefix that corresponds to a known
> protocol, shouldn't it guess the protocol as well?  That is, suppose the
> above sequence of guesses succeeded at shouldn't it then
> have guessed ftp protocol, i.e., not
>  Furthermore, shouldn't that be user-configurable
> somehow?  For instance, some sites use "", so maybe I
> want Lynx to guess that, with HTTP protocol:

>   URL_DOMAIN_PREFIXES:http:www,ftp,http:web

> "look for www.whatever.i.said, and if you find it, make it an http: URL;
> then look for ftp.whatever and make it ftp:; finally look for
> web.whatever and make it http:"

> Again, all of this is post-2.8.1 stuff.


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