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lynx-dev I would like to make my own copy of lynx

From: Jessica Arnold
Subject: lynx-dev I would like to make my own copy of lynx
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 09:05:01 -0800

Hello, subject basically says it all.
I am totally blind, I would like to make a version of lynx for win 95 that
supports ssl.
I am a US citizen.
I don't understand why someonge cannot make a copy and put a form on a Web
pagefor people to fill out like Microsoft and Netscape do.
Anyway, I am not a programmer.
Either would someone privately lead me through the steps or someone file
attach a version oflynx with SSL support.
I would like it to be version 2.8or higher.
But it isn't important just as long as it supports ssl support for win95.
Or if someone would make a copy for me.
I wouldlike to make it myself, but I need step by step directions. And I
mean step by step.
Hope to have some answers.
Thank you.

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