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Re: lynx-dev ssl portability

From: Wayne Buttles
Subject: Re: lynx-dev ssl portability
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 08:06:11 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 address@hidden wrote:

> > Anyone know if djgpp can compile ssley? 
> >  
> > It doen't look like it, but I know better than to assume it can't without 
> > asking if anyone has ever done it. 
> why doesn't it look like it?  (a quick check on the library shows socket
> stuff plus standard C interfaces - djgpp won't work for termio and similar
> stuff, but ssleay should be portable to djgpp)

Sorry, I meant as is.  A grep for djgpp turned up nothing so it may not be
hard for the expearienced, but not easy for me. 

I did try the configure script to produce a makefile which I then fed to
BC++, but borland said there were too many dupes in the makefile.  When I
looked, there were tons of duplicate lines and object

I am thinking of trying to make a edssl proxy binary for win32 instead.
That way, I only have to get it done once.  If someone already has this
beast made, please save me the trouble.

> -- 
> Thomas E. Dickey
> address@hidden

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