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lynx-dev text area problem

From: Rosner, Jody
Subject: lynx-dev text area problem
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:50:40 -0800

I am the site developer for the following URL:

I received an e-mail from a blind user that the text area does not wrap,
but simply is a continuous text line.  currently, I have the tags for
the textarea as follows:

<TEXTAREA NAME="feedback-text" ROWS=15 COLS=60></TEXTAREA>

on all other browsers, the text wraps correctly.  However, after using
Lynx 2.7 (?) and trying myself, I have duplicated the user's problem -
the text does not wrap.

My question:  Is there another tag that can be used to make this text
area in our feedback form wrap correctly on any version of Lynx?  Or, if
not, any suggestions on making this text area Lynx compatible?

Your feedback is sincerely appreciated.  If you like, you may call me
directly at (916) 445-4966 extension 7733 or e-mail me at:


Thank You so much!

Jody Rosner
Internet Applications Project Lead, Applications Development Division
Legislative Counsel Bureau
State of California

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