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Re: lynx-dev How to maintain sources with gettext() ?

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: Re: lynx-dev How to maintain sources with gettext() ?
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 20:30:08 -0800

Nelson Henry Eric wrote:

> > but still not all of them.  So I think a good rule is:
> >
> >   When adding a message, add it to all the catalogues, using
> >   "STILL_ENGLISH rest of message" in any catalogues you can't fill in
> No!  Leave the work to the tools in the gettext package.  Any `msgstr ""',
> i.e., no translation, will fall back to the English default, which
> is a lot better than "STILL_ENGLISH rest of message", which gives you
> absolutely no idea what Lynx is doing.

Sorry, you seem to have misunderstood me.  What you put into the other
message catalogues is "STILL_ENGLISH" followed by the "rest of message",
that is, the actual English message.  Not the literal text ``rest of

> > If the message catalogues are distributed in the source, they can be
> > updated in this manner, and translators can jump in at any time during
> Please realize that _each_ .po file is 100Kb+.  Ten languages, and
> you've got a 1Mb floppy filled up.

They should compress very well, and two of them side-by-side in an
archive should compress even better; especially with a compressor that
has a large compression window, like `bzip2`.


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