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Re: lynx-dev Hotmail problem

From: David Rovinsky
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Hotmail problem
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 16:53:02 EST

>981130 Mark Harris wrote: 
>> I can't get into my Hotmail while using LYNX.
>> It says I have to download the text before I can get into my account.
>> It just started doing this a couple days ago,
>> I've never had any problems before. 

I've had this problem too, but not in every version of Lynx.

When I go to, I get the usual log-in page, and I 
enter my name and password.  I then submit it, and am asked if I accept 
my information being redirected.  Lynx 2.6 simply asks the question as 
(yes/no), while on Lynx 2.7, I choose Proceed.  When that happens, 
instead of going to my in-box, I get a "text/html, D)ownload or C)ancel" 
message back from Lynx.  In other words, I can't simply get my e-mail up 
on the screen.  Note that before Thanksgiving break, I was able to get 
into Hotmail with any verison of Lynx (Hotmail doesn't officialy support 
Lynx, but unofficially, all the non-javascript functions worked just 

However, I tried Hotmail with 2.8rel2, and it works normally--nothing 
has changed.  Note that I'm not asked about a redirection.  It seems to 
happen on its own.

So whatever the problem is, it has been addressed no later than 2.8, so 
there's nothing that developers would need to do here.  Still, I'd be 
curious to know what's causing 2.6 and 2.7 not to connect...


David Rovinsky
Siena College
Albany, New York, USA

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