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Re: lynx-dev UnixWare 2.1.2 pre-compiled Binary

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev UnixWare 2.1.2 pre-compiled Binary
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 20:36:15 -0500 (EST)

> {SNIP} 
> > > So much has changed in the Makefile since then that I'm a bit lost (I'm 
> > > used to linking the slang libraries at the top of the Makefile and 
> > > adding -DNO_SIZECHANGE in the "unixware-slang" section, but I don't see 
> > > this in the most recent source.) 
> >  
> > does the size-change code not work on that platform, or does it not 
> > compile? 
> Thanks for the reply. Yes, in 2-7-1, adding -DNO-SIZECHANGE was needed 
> in order to compile. However, this did not work in 2-7-2, so I stuck 
> with the previous version until I found out that a more massive update 
> (2-8-1) has been made.  

The basic logic is the same, but the configure script checks for the
combinations of header files that I've found make it work (but it's always
possible that you have a new combination).
> > > I have not tried autoconfig since it never worked for me 
> > > before...Perhaps I'll try it and see if it'll be nice to me this time 
> > > around. 
> >  
> > 2.8.1's almost guaranteed to _not_ build with the old (pre-autoconf) 
> > Makefile, since I've not looked at it for almost a year.  If there's 
> > problems building with the current configuration, they'll be relatively 
> > minor (I can advise you). 
> Yeah, auto-conf did not work in the 2.7.2 source, either. Perhaps there 
> is a remote possibility that the 2-8-1 source will compile "out of the 
> box", sort a speak, but with my luck, I doubt it. I'll give it a whirl. 

2.7.2 doesn't do autoconf (2.8 does, and 2.8.1)
> --Jason Sizemore 

Thomas E. Dickey

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