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Re: lynx-dev 2.8.3dev.2 patch 8 - reusing temp files

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev 2.8.3dev.2 patch 8 - reusing temp files
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:54:00 -0400 (EDT)

990628 Klaus Weide offered: 
> * New option REUSE_TEMPFILES, see comments in lynx.cfg.
& explained:
> In earlier versions (up to 2-7, at least),
> for example the HISTORY page, after being created once,
> would always be the same file (/tmp/L7013-4TMP.html or whatever).
> This changed in connection with adding protection against /tmp spoofing.
> Now each generation of the HISTORY page would use a new filename.
> But this has side effects, in the following situation:
> I visit various pages that get loaded into lynx's cache.
> Then I disconnect (or get disconnected).
> I would like to read the cached texts now, without re-connecting.
> They may not all be in the history list,
> and I use the HISTORY and VLINKS commands to select them.
> But each time HISTORY and VLINKS (INFO etc.) are called up,
> one of the cached docs is pushed out of the cache
> (because for lynx, a new filename means it's a new doc).
instead of adding yet another choice to the already excessive  lynx.cfg ,
with  c 400 lines  programming as well,
why don't you simply increase your cache limit?
i regularly use 20, but you can increase it to 50 or 100 if you want.
your effort looks like 1 user's meat being 100 users' poison (smile).

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