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lynx-dev lynx POST final crlf

From: David G. Pickett
Subject: lynx-dev lynx POST final crlf
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:27:20 -0400

>From David:

I wrote some simple web servers that work find with most browsers, but
lynx does not put a crlf after the POST urlencoded data like IE and
Netscape and Opera.  (I know I am supposed to parse out the
Content-length, but parsing and use of by-character or by-count tools is
not as easy or available.)

It might be in-spec NOT to do it, but it is easy to add and makes lynx
more transparently like the other borwsers.

>From Al:

David, I sent this on to <address@hidden> which is the way to communicate
with the developers' group.

Check at <> for responses.

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