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lynx-dev saving-options problem

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev saving-options problem
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 01:51:50 -0400 (EDT)

990716 i sought advice:
> when i start Lynx, the Option `Show Images' is set to `as labels'.
> if i change the setting to `ignore' -- which i want -- ,
> then mark an X in `Save Options to Disk', then enter `Accept Changes',
> the setting is changed properly, but ONLY for the session:
> when i have to restart Lynx next time, it's back to `as labels'.
> i have looked in  .lynxrc , but the only mention of `image'
> is right at the end, ie `verbose_images=on';
> i have tried adding a line `show_images=ignore',
> but Lynx restarts with the setting `as labels' regardless.

no-one replied & i have checked the Options Help page, which says:

>                              Show Images
> Text-based browsers cannot show images directly, so we have a choice:
> ignore all images without ALT= text string (this is also switched
> by [33]'[' key), show labels (see also "verbose images" for choice
> between [IMAGE] and filename), use links for every image to make it
> possible to download them (also switched by [34]'*' key).
> Changing these settings will not be saved,
> but could be made permanent by changing the respective settings in lynx.cfg.

there appears to be nothing in  lynx.cfg  which chooses `ignore':
have i missed something or is this an oversight in the documentation?

and to repeat:
> `Save Options to Disk' should save all options to disk ...

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