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lynx-dev saving-options wishes (was: saving-options problem)

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: lynx-dev saving-options wishes (was: saving-options problem)
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 07:03:10 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Philip Webb wrote:

> 990728 Doug Kaufman wrote: 
> > 990728 Philip Webb wrote:
> >> when i start Lynx, the Option `Show Images' is set to `as labels'.
> >> if i change the setting to `ignore' -- which i want -- ,
> >> then mark an X in `Save Options to Disk', then enter `Accept Changes',
> >> the setting is changed properly, but ONLY for the session:
> >> when i have to restart Lynx next time, it's back to `as labels'.
> > Isn't this "MAKE_PSEUDO_ALTS_FOR_IMAGES" in lynx.cfg?
> there's no such choice in  lynx.cfg , which has  2  different choices:
> the former creates a link for each image encountered,
> the latter controls whether  [INLINE]  will be written if  ALT=  is missing;
> neither appears to create the `ignore' value of `Show Images'.

The three-way "Show images" selection in the forms menu page is
just a combination of the two binary options whose lynx.cfg names
you list above, and which can be controlled separately also with the
IMAGE_TOGGLE ('*') and INLINE_TOGGLE ('[') key commands.


 lynx.cfg                 dft.toggle  .lynxrc      variable in code
MAKE_LINKS_FOR_ALL_IMAGES    '*'        N/I [*]    clickable_images
MAKE_PSEUDO_ALTS_FOR_INLINES '['        N/I [*]    pseudo_inline_alts
VERBOSE_IMAGES               none   verbose_images verbose_img

N/I = .lynxrc storing/reading not implemented
[*] Old-style Options Menu: changing not implemented
    Forms Options Menu: changing implemented, combined into three-way 
                        choice as follows:

"Show images" value                  effect
    "ignore"         clickable_images := FALSE, pseudo_inline_alts := FALSE
    "as labels"      clickable_images := FALSE, pseudo_inline_alts := TRUE
    "as links"       clickable_images := TRUE  (pseudo_inline_alts unchanged)

I am only trying to explain How Things Are (and hope I got it right), not
enter into a discussion about Why Things Are That Way (e.g. inconsistently
named) or How Things Should Be.

> there's still the further question why some Options can't be saved to disk.
> it all looks like something which fell between the cracks
> during step-by-step development of image-handling & Options forms.

It is a fact that some settings that can be changed in the Options Menu
are not saved to .lynxrc.  It is likely IMO that, for at least some of
these settings, there were good reasons for this and not just "it has
been overlooked".  It may be that some of those reasons are not valid
any more.  Or not.  It is unlikely IMO that all settings that can be
specified in the Options Menu will become savable in the (near) future.

Unless you want to wait for your ideal state of affairs (that all settings
are saved) before doing anything, it may be better to make it clearer
now (1) that not all setting are saved, and (2) which settings are (not)
saved.  The Users Guide already mentions that not all options are saved,
and mentions for some individual options that they are (sometimes) not
saved (at least "Show color", "User Agent").


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