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lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.5

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.5
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 12:10:11 -0400 (EDT)

Except for a couple of patches that I'm not sure of the resolution (Klaus'
modification of Vlad's for example, Vlad's consolidation of his various patches,
and LP's problem with truncate), this gets up-to-date as of yesterday.

1999-07-30 (2.8.3dev.5)
* add/use LYHideCursor() macro to accommodate position in older curses -TD
* add configure option --enable-cjk to compile-in CJK_EX logic -TD
* add -short_url option and associated logic to elide middle of long urls
  (adapted from patch by Eduardo Chappa L <address@hidden>) -TD
* ifdef'd read-progress changes with EXP_READPROGRESS, add configure option
  --enable-read-eta to turn this on -TD
* enhanced read-progress logic (Ilya Zakharevich)
  a) makes size/transfer rate reports use format "8.3 KB" (instead
     of "8 KB") if numbers are below 10 KB and reports are in KB;
  b) makes transferred/expected/transfer-rate use bytes/KB independently
     so "236 bytes of 56 KB" is possible, as is
     "8.3 of 56 KB, 456 bytes/sec";
  c) adds "ETA 23 sec" info if available;
  d) adds " (stalled for 75 sec)" info if available (updated each 5
     sec or so);
  e) uses gettimeofday() if present (instead of current hacks) to get more
     frequent updates.
* fixes for OS/2 and ncurses from Ilya Zakharevich:
  a) Makes lynx ignore mouse events which are not clicks (filtering through
     ncurses does not work as expected).
  b) Makes mouse-clicks "basin of attraction" of a link wider (the area where
     clicks make the link a current link).  It was 2 units vertically and
     horizontally, make it 2 units vertically, and 6 units horizontally.  This
     leads to "more intuitive selection".
  c) Make processing of .lynx-keymap write messages to trace buffer;
  d) LAC-keybindings were not working;
  e) Allow .lss files include one another via INCLUDE:/file/name
  g) Allow a change of default color in .lss files (not the color of attributes
     text, but colors for a style if "default" is specified); This (together
     with "e") allows for a simple modification of a color scheme
     Here is an example of a .lss file with a changed default
     foreground/background and a handful of other declarations fine-tuned for
     this change.  (It implements "Commander" style).  "Overriding"
     declarations should be put before INCLUDE:, and the "default:" declaration
     should be the last one.
  h) Improve algorithm for allocation of color-pairs;
  i) Lynx was not recognizing HOME directory on EMX;
  j) UP_LINK and DOWN_LINK now actually move along a vertical line (as far as
     it is possible), including an arbitrary sequence of such keypresses.
* modify LYIsPathSep() macro to include '\' for OS/2 EMX -TD
* correct a problem with spurious cookie names when reloading lynx.cfg (Michael
  Warner & KW)
* add check for too-long line in HText_ExtEditForm(), splitting it if needed
  (reported by <address@hidden>) -TD
* move NO_GROUPS definitions from HTFile.c to HTFile.h to make them available
  for use in LYUtils.c on DOS -LP
* correct several minor problems with integration of HS's changes in GridText.h,
  HTAlert.c and LYPrint.c (reported by LP) -TD
* restore dev.3 interface to LYLowerCase and LYUpperCase and do casts internally
  to work on unsigned chars -PG
* corrected typos in some messages (reported by Dmitry Sivachenko
* changes for win32 -SH
  + added ifdef's using _WIN_CC (for Borland C) to some places in prettysrc
    definitions which use the __STDC__ symbol.
  + renamed makefile.w32 to makefile.bcb
  + renamed src/chrtrans/makefile.w32 to src/chrtrans/makefile.bcb
* the DOS port compiled with WATT-32 now works in a DOS window under Windows
  3.11 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.  It still needs its own packet driver
  and does not use any native winsocks and  has only been tested with Toni
  Lopez's DOSPPP.  This does fill a void for those running Win3.x, who
  previously had to close Windows and go back to plain DOS before they could
  run lynx.  Updated the help files, reflecting current platform support -DK
* corrected definitions in HTTP.c and HTDOS.h to build with old TCP library -LP
* When keypad_mode was changed from forms options menu
  set_numbers_as_arrows()/reset_numbers_as_arrows() was not reinitialized
  (reported by KED). - LP
* SOURCE_CACHE: add one more parse setting member (keypad_mode)
  to HText structure -LP
* SOURCE_CACHE:  fix updating the document when "display charset" was changed
  from Options Menu by user:  FREE(anchor->UCStages) call from
  HTuncache_current_document() now duplicated in HTreparse_document().
  (problem reported by KW) - LP.
* tweak trace message in scan_cookie_sublist():  limit trace output by trying
  LYstrstr() as a first approximation before host_matches() -LP
* open temp-file in LYNewsPost() in binary mode for DJGPP to avoid translation
  of \r\n vs \n -DK
* add note about potential conflicts with cookie files to description of
  --disable-persistent-cookies -BJP
* added status message to indicate state of text inputs -VH
* added ability to make text inputs non-sticky (i.e., user will have to
  activate them explicitly via an LYK_ACTIVATE action) - seems useful for
  people navigating with alphanumeric keys.  Default is 'sticky' - i.e., old
  behavior.  Behavior is controlled via command line option '--sticky-inputs'
  and STICKY_INPUTS in lynx.cfg -VH
* added conditionals to 'userdefs.h' that disable support for
  force-empty-hrefless-a mode if lynx is configured without lss (it's not
  useful for such setup) -VH
* minor change to prettysrc mode, writing comments one character at a time
  to avoid translation of \r\n to \n\n in HText_appendText() -VH
* correct rendering of DL in EXP_JUSTIFY_ELTS, will inhibit justification of
  DT's content -VH
* other modifications to EXP_JUSTIFY_ELTS logic, to use information associated
  with each element that indicates whether it can be justified -VH
* modify HTMLDTD.c so that "center" is not treated with EXP_JUSTIFY_ELTS -VH
* fix for core-dump in EXP_JUSTIFY_ELTS -VH
* modify signal handling in LYSystem to workaround competing SIGTSTP handlers
  when a subprocess is active.  This adds a new function LYToggleSigDfl(),
  using sigaction as an alternative to signal to save/restore as much of the
  signal state as possible -KW
* add configure option --enable-justify-elts (request by VH) -TD
* add configure test for sigaction function and related structs -TD
* restore hardcoded escape sequences on Unix in setup_vtXXX_keymap()
  inadvertantly dropped in dev.4, to accommodate users of slang library who
  have their $TERM set incorrectly -TD
* correct ifdef's for resizeterm() call to allow Lynx to build with old
  versions of ncurses -TD

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