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lynx-dev WSA-constants in libwww code?

From: vtailor
Subject: lynx-dev WSA-constants in libwww code?
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 15:54:13 -0400

I didn't bother to complete the compile of the most recent lynx source
release, but I did observer something:  Someone has been adding Windows-
specific WSA-berkeley-socket-incompatible constants to ws_ftp.h.  Now,
unless you are planning to move the blat mailer code into libwww, which
is not a good idea without rewriting as BSD code, the only other reason
for these constants is to add yet more alternate code for the NSL_FORK
and its sistern.

Look folks, the Windows WSA-asynch server is a Windows 3.1 invention,
that was designed for (a) incompatibility with BSD sockets so Windows
code wouldn't be reverse-ported and (b) to overcome the limitations
of Windows 3.1.  Any WSA-asynch socket call can be immediately replaced
with a BSD socket call using fork() or beginthread() to handle the
"asynch" in WSA-style calls.  I may once have recommended WSA-use, but
I hereby recant.

I realize that I am playing the Voice of Reason in a world given over
to madness and extravagance, but there it is.  If you want maintainable
code, you will minimize the #ifdef's and show what clever programmers
you are at the same time.

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