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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.6

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.6
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 21:16:52 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2002-01-01 (2.8.5dev.6)
* add configure options to link with dbmalloc and dmalloc debugging libraries
  which offer different features than --enable-find-leaks -TD
* restructured LYhighlight() and logic related to highlighted text using new
  functions LYSetHilite(), LYAddHilite(), LYGetHiliteStr() and LYGetHilitePos()
  to allow more than two lines to be highlighted in links (Debian #114062) -TD
* simplified some of LYCookie.c with new functions find_domain_entry(),
  alloc_attr_value() and parse_attribute() -TD
* modify expansion of %s for WIN_EX EXTERN commands so that short names (used
  when the command begins with an uppercase character) are not quoted, and use
  backslashes.  The normal %s expansion uses forward slashes and may quote the
  name if it contains a blank -TD
* modify local directory sort by type to ignore leading '.' characters when
  looking for filetype -TD
* modify logic of HTDirEntry() to avoid storing a trailing backslash (DOS-style
  path separator) in the anchor URL for local directory entries (from report
  by Hataguchi Takeshi) -TD
* amend change in 2.8.5dev.2 to HTLoadHTTP() to omit "Accept-Encoding:  gzip"
  ensuring that also -source or -dump option is used.  Retesting
  shows that it no longer matters, since the page was replaced by a short
  javascript which is not sent compressed (request by Hataguchi Takeshi) -TD
* correct a missing definition for COMPRESS_PROG in the configure script
  introduced by 2.8.5dev.5 changes (also noted by Stepan Kasal) -TD
* several fixes from Stepan Kasal <address@hidden>:
  + remove code in LYCurses.c which checks ttytype variable for "dec-vt"
    prefix.  EWAN, a decent telnet program for M$ Windows, sets $TERM to
    dec-vt100.  This is similar to vt102 but it is not appropriate to use vt100
    settings for it.  ncurses has in its terminfo database an entry for
        "dec-vt100|EWAN telnet's terminal"
    The terminfo file is successfully opened when ncurses is initialised and
    ttytype is set to the name mentioned above.  After stripping "dec-" from
    it, lynx ends up searching for
        "/usr/share/terminfo/v/vt100|EWAN telnet's terminal"
    which cannot cannot be found and lynx crashes.
  + compress installed html files with the -9 option of gzip.
  + improved install-help makefile rule
* fix some longstanding problems with the DOS port -DK
  + fix inability to break out of a hung nameserver lookup or hung connection
    attempt without aborting lynx entirely.  Using the WATT-32 signal handler
    for this seems to work well.  Change the default compile option for DJGPP
    to -DIGNORE_CTRL_C, causing lynx to ignore SIGINT, so CTRL-BREAK is
    completely disabled.  With this patch CTRL-C stops current actions without
    quitting lynx.  To have a way to abort lynx when necessary, bind ALT-X to
    SIGQUIT.  (The unix default of CTRL-\ is not bound to the same scan code on
    different international keyboards, while ALT-X is familiar to DOS users for
    existing programs).  Because the WATT-32 signal handler was not available
    to external programs, a patch to WATT-32 is necessary for the new lynx code
    to work.  The patch for WATT-32 is shown in the INSTALLATION documentation.
  + added some fixes for "/" vs "\" handling in pathnames so that non-DJGPP
    programs will see standard DOS pathnames when called.  The mailer code was
    ignoring the environment variable SHELL when calling the mailer, leading to
    a lack of environment space for the mailer to work -DK
  + add calls to _eth_release() and _eth_init(), which Gisle Vanem says should
    not be necessary in this part of lynx.  But this seems to fix get
    intermittent hung nameserver lookup sessions after using CTRL-C.
* simplified a loop in HTConfirmCookie() and added CTRACE's to demonstrate that
  this is working properly (addresses Debian #119751) -TD
* add some CTRACE's to curses screen initialization and resizing to provide
  better diagnosis of problem reported by David Balazic
  <address@hidden> on HP-UX 11.00) -PG
* modify and aclocal.m4 to work with autoconf 2.52 patched with
* modify configure macros CF_CURSES_CPPFLAGS and CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS to ensure
  that the (n)curses.h header file is actually found, in case someone tries to
  build lynx without having installed the development files (based on anonymous
  posting on comp.os.linux.networking newsgroup) -TD
* update config.guess, config.sub from

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